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Do you know too well the struggles of an autistic child who can’t seem to fit into the molds of traditional society? Do you identify with the grief of parents who don’t understand why their child screeches like a pterodactyl or bear-crawls through the hallways? Do you feel the frustration and sadness from parents who mourn the simplicity of going to birthday parties and out to dinner? Do you recognize this story?

Amanda Irtz recognizes this story, but she doesn’t let it take over her life. Amanda is the mother of a child on the autism spectrum, and instead of focusing on the struggle that comes with raising her son, she takes pride in his unique individuality, reminding herself that there is nothing wrong with her son – or with her. 



What is an empathic understanding of autism?

Autism is a complex ability*, typically emerging during childhood years.  Autism has a spectrum of traits, which makes each individual’s communication, thinking, and perception of the world unique.  As with all abilities it is paramount to be on the journey with the person, rather than to assume the person’s needs and desires.   * changing the language in how we talk about autism is our first step to creating a more empathic understanding.   

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