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My Why

Parenting is crazy.  Parenting is joy-filled.  There are no answers to my questions and my raging curiosity as to how to nurture and raise joy-filled, empathic, civic-oriented, healthy, loving children.  There are only experiences – and in my experiences I can find bits and pieces of understanding and direction.

My name is Amanda Irtz and I have no answers to any questions.  In fact, I have more questions than I do insights about the questions that wake me up at 2:34 AM.  I live in foothills of Colorado, where the sunrises orange and blue and it sets with tremendous hues of pink.   I am a mother of two children: a son and a daughter.  They are my teachers of patience, of empathy, and of this crazy thing called life.

If you are inspired and motivated by what you are reading in these blogs, then my book The Clouds That Chase Us: A Journey into Autism will take you on a deeper journey to unconditional love.  Click here to bring this book into your life.

My purpose in this blog is simple: to share my experiences in hopes that it connects the dots for another parent.

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