My Why

Parenting is crazy.  Parenting is joy-filled.  There are no answers to my questions and my raging curiosity as to how to nurture and raise joy-filled, empathic, civic-oriented, healthy, loving children.  There are only experiences – and in my experiences I can find bits and pieces of understanding and direction.

My name is Amanda Irtz and I have no answers to any questions.  In fact, I have more questions than I do insights about the questions that wake me up at 2:34 AM.  I live in foothills of Colorado, where the sunrises orange and blue and it sets with tremendous hues of pink.   I am a mother of two children: a son and a daughter.  They are my teachers of patience, of empathy, and of this crazy thing called life.

My purpose in this blog is simple: to share my experiences in hopes that it connects the dots for another parent.