my gratitude

Growing up, my dad used to say, “take some time to smell the roses.”  As a teenager, I would roll my eyes and flip my hair.  I’m sure my response was something like, “Dad, I do take time to do this. Duh!”  As an adult, these words no longer make me roll my eyes; instead, the words open my eyes to the beauty in our world.

Here I offer my gratitude for my day-to-day, my journey, and the big, beautiful world that I see each day.

  • The birds that enjoy seeds from my single bird feeder on my deck.
  • My son, who makes a heart out of his fingers and says to me, “Mom, guess who I love?” (me, of course)
  • My daughter who flits and flutters around a room full of people, making jokes and having conversations about letters and her Christmas wish list.
  • The mountains – that offer stability and a constant reminder that we are surrounded by beauty, by hope, and by something greater than the self.
  • The construction workers outside my new condo unit.  As loud as their hammers may be, they did, indeed build my home and I love it.
  • My career in education.  The teens and teachers I work with each day bring me joy, fill me up, and remind me the great work that is still ahead of me.
  • My coffee.  Need I say more?
  • The Christmas lights that are decked on houses and fences and tress (before Thanksgiving).
  • The seat warmer in my car on hot on a chilly, ice-cold morning.
  • The incredible variety and array of options in the grocery store for gluten- and dairy-free eaters.
  • My grandmother, Gran, who showed me grace in all things and that life is about learning.
  • The good morning kisses and cuddles from two special children.
  • My family – because they do so much and they don’t even know it.  My mom, in particular, because she continues to model love, compassion, joy, “just-being,” and motherhood.
  • My boyfriend, who offers patience and a warm heart when the days feel like an intermittent hail-storm with pockets of sleet.
  • Every experience in my life (both gray and pink) that helped me become the woman I am today.
  • My friends, though spread across 8 different states, are some of my small heart thumps and laugh-out-loud joy.
  • My learning about motherhood.
  • And, of course, the roses, or sometimes the lilies, that I take time to smell.   This is my reminder that the small things are really the big tickets for a joy-filled life.

Yes, I am grateful.  What is your gratitude?

4 thoughts on “my gratitude

  1. Linda Pearce

    Just beautiful Amanda. I am so glad your life is coming together again. You personify the positiveness we all need in these tumultuous times. Love from Florida.


  2. kristybanks

    There is so much to be grateful for everyday. The kiddos in school wrote a letter of a gratitude this week and it was wonderful to see their smiles and emotions as they thought about who to send their letter to and the seriousness in writing the letter. I wrote a letter too, to an old friend that introduced me to the people I spend Thanksgiving with everywhere. I’m thankful for my Seattle family, for my brother and cousin in Seattle, my parents in California and my boyfriend Alan. I’m thankful for the joyous community that I am lucky enough to call my workplace. I’m grateful for all my wonderful friends who share their lives, laughter and wisdom with me. I’m grateful for the circle of life and to learn from the old and the young. I’m grateful for my health, able bodied and of course good snow! I’m thankful for Amanda to share this wonderful blog where I can learn more about her and her family’s experiences. THANK YOU!
    Happy Thanksgiving! xo


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